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Jan Ulanowicz Minister of Music

Jan Ulanowicz

Born to Norwegian and Danish emigrants, Jan Christiansen was taught piano by her aunt and early on, learned the disciplines of rigorous practice and performance. Jan officially began her musical career when her father confidently told a deacon from a local church seeking an organist that “his daughter could do it.” Little did they know she was only twelve. But indeed she did it and has been doing it ever since—joyfully--the last 5 years being in Haddam Neck. One of the lessons she learned from her musical training was ‘to put everything you have into anything you attempt’. And that certainly has been true in both Jan’s work and play endeavors. She has owned her own yacht services business for the last 24 years. She ran two other sports-related businesses over the years, as well. Raising her oldest two children gave her many opportunities to use her passion for sports for other people’s benefit. During that time, she coached soccer, swimming and Class V downhill ski racing. Jan was the women’s tournament director of the first International Women’s Soccer Tournament at Walt Disney World. She was the training coordinator for practice for the Pakistan Special Olympics Women’s Soccer Team—enabling them--for the first time--to play against a men’s team. Jan still enjoys playing competitive women’s soccer. Jan has been a Trustee of the Ivoryton Playhouse and has been accompanist for many Playhouse musicals as well. She has acted in the capacity of pit band/director and pianist for numerous high school musicals and community fund raisers. Jan has also played organ continuo for several classical choral performances with New England Symphony and New Haven Symphony musicians. Here at HNCC, Jan directs the bell choir and the adult choir and plays organ and piano for all church services and celebrations. She has served as musical director for multiple concerts and musicals over the last five years and is also currently in the process of writing two children’s musicals. Jan is married with four children and lives in Westbrook.

P: 860-267-2336