Haddam Neck Covenant Church

Haddam Neck Covenant Church

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Sundays: 9:00am

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As a church together, we hope to be a blessing and source of encouragement and fulfillment in your life.  As the old folk proverb goes, "Together the embers of a fire blaze hot, but separated and isolated, they'll grow cold."  We want to be in this together with you!  As a strong though smaller church our hope is to live out a mission of service and compassion not only to our members and friends, but to our community.  We have in these hard economic times a clear calling to be that kind of light of hope, encouragement and friendship among neighbors which will usher in:  a connection between friends, a healing of wounds, a source of prayer support, and always a growing relationship with Christ. 

Together we each can make a difference.  Together with God we can make a BIG difference!  What we offer to Him by way of our talents, treasures and time, he takes these as seedlings, and from them grows his garden, creating possibilities beyond our planning and beyond our imagination!

To be able and ready to do His work as He has led us, we ask you to embrace this church and its need of you.  Your presence is most important of all.  When we pray together Sunday morning, we utter words that unleash the power of the Holy Spirit within and among us.  Your time, a most precious thing, spent with and for the church is God's chosen means - a vehicle - to reveal His love to the world.  Your talent also, when given in the cause and mission of the church are a celebration of the unique way God created you.  God delights in seeing what good deeds are being done for His glory.  Your treasures also provide an opportunity to offer your praise to God.  Acknowledging what He has given to you by dedicating a portion back to His use, you are actively reclaiming His faithfulness to provide for your needs.  In all these ways, we worship God by dependably serving Him.  What God can do with dedicated, caring people is beyond our hightest hopes or imagination!