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Outreach and Mission


 HNCC’s Mission and Outreach Ministry goes well beyond our financial support through the World Mission office of the Covenant Church. Many of our parishioners are actively involved with the East Hampton Food Bank which HNCC strongly and consistently supports.  Many others are involved with Meals on Wheels. We host our annual Gospel Worship Service at the Haddam Neck Fair gazebo every Labor Day Weekend and whether fair-goers stay for the entire service or just pass through, it is heartwarming to observe them respond to familiar tunes and hymns. Several members have volunteered their services for Habitat for Humanity working on houses being constructed in this area and a few have gone to Mississippi to help rebuild the flood-stricken communities there.

Internationally, we participate in Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoe Box project. Participants shop for small toys, books and basic hygiene products to send to children in need around the world. Along with enjoying the gifts, the children learn of Jesus and the meaning of Christmas.

Haddam Neck Covenant also supports the ministry of the New England Seafarer’s Mission (NESM). NESM is a ministry of the greater Covenant Church that provides Bibles, hospitality and assistance to seafarers from all over the world who, since 9/11, have not been allowed access to shore facilities. More than anything, this very important ministry brings Christ and his hope to an often lonely, isolated group of visitors to America.

Local - Cobalt Lodge Garden!!!

A recent outreach project, the brainchild of one of our members, is the Cobalt Lodge garden. There was a large overgrown area surrounded on three sides by patient rooms. Realizing that the patients and staff had no flower gardens to enjoy and being an avid gardener, a church member, Sandy, developed a plan to convert this protected outdoor area into a garden with benches, birdfeeders, flowers and even a water fountain and pergola for the patients and staff to enjoy. She set out to raise funds and labor from the community.  It is a beautiful site to behold!

To celebrate it's opening, the residents and staff got to have an early July 4th picnic in the garden! They were thrilled to be able to be outside among the beautiful plantings. And we believe God was smiling too!!

The Covenant in the World...

The Evangelical Covenant Church is a fast growing church due to its outreach adding approximately 20 churches each year.  In addition...

Covenant World Relief responds with humanitarian aid in times of international crisis and sometimes domestic as well.  CWR assists the poorest of the poor in projects for agriculture development, water resources, home reconstruction, medical assisstance, micro-enterprise, orphan care and education, and HIV/AIDS prevention and care.  Their community development and transformation efforts are in partnerships with Bread for the World and World Relief International.  CWR dollars are put to use in nations including: Tajikastan, India, Myanmar, Afghanistan, China, Thailand, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Eastern DRC, Haiti, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, as well as in Louisiana and Iowa.  CWR also links with teens attending the triennial CHIC event to support feeding the world's hungriest.  Early in 2009 a new Covenant department was formed: Compassion, Mercy, and Justice, committed to the hurting and to the causes of that hurt and CWR functions within this department.

Begun in 2009 the Covenant has committed itself to a "Resolution on Criminal Justice" through its Commission on Christian Action.  Crime and violence inflict wounds on individuals, families and entire communities which take time to heal and need ongoing support from the church community.  We see here an opportunity to respond to systemic injustices in the criminal justice system and to challenge unjust and ineffective policies while seeking to restore the lives of  victims, purpotrators and the innocent.

Through the Covenant's national Department of Women Ministries, many worthy outreach and mission projects are meeting great needs.  One such is "Break the Chains" and emphasis and project which joins in the fight against the human trafficking of 27 million people victimized in slavery today.  "AVA - Advocacy for Victims of Abuse" is another of its emphasis and among many things is now providing online tutorials on domestic and childhood sexual abuse. 

On the mission field, the Covenant first sent missionaries to the Congo in 1937 and currently has mission outreaches to over 30 countries on 5 continents around the world. The Congo church has grown to over 196,000 members. The Taiwan Covenant churches are now excited to send their own missionaries out to reach the lost and broken in other parts of the world. In addition, a Covenant recent initiative, the "Mosaics Project" has missionaries serving displaced Muslim refugees in various European and African countries.  As of June 2009, there were  over 2,800 churches with over 300,000 members being served by 128 Covenant missionaries performing work in agriculture, medicine, education of missionary children, family ministry, children and youth ministries, leadership and pastoral development, ministry through the arts, bookkeepers, mental health care, literature publication and ministries of compassion, among others. Missionaries serve for various lengths of time as either career (25 yrs.), project (2-3 yrs.) or short-term (2 wks-2 yrs.) missionaries and pastoral workers. These missionaries receive support form the Covenant Church through it's annual budget, but many also raise their own funds and/or have sponsor churches. These missionaries and their children are supported by a mighty staff of only14 people at Covenant Headquarters in Chicago--some of them former missionaries, themselves. HNCC supports this work via budget contributions and Covenant World Relief offerings.

Haiti - Bike Hike !

Several years ago, HNCC became aware of the work of Pastor Martinez Jovan and his wife in Port-Au-Prince Haiti. They have been caring for impoverished orphans in Jesus' name for many years. HNCC has helped them to built a school and helped with basic necessities. Each year, HNCC has sponsored a "Bike Hike for Haiti" in July, raising money for the Jovan's ministry.

Dalmalgo, Ghana

Through the leading of our good friend, Kwame Ocansey, formerly of Ghana, himself and the organization that he founded, LEEAD International, HNCC has been privileged to not only sponsor several Ghanian children, but through fund-raising efforts at the HNCC baked booth at the Haddam Neck Fair, we have been able to send enough to pay for a fully-equipped schoolhouse--one that hopefully won't be washed away when the heavy rains come! "Our" Ghanian children now have uniforms and shoes to wear to school, where they are learning about God's love for them through the kindness of strangers.


Being part of Haddam Neck Covenant Church means participating in making a difference!