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Haddam Neck Covenant Church

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Sundays: 9:00am

About HNCC

As HNCC has seen many changes in the 110 years since our founding as Swedish immigrant families living in the local area, we now carry an identity that is community-based and enjoy a fellowship of people of wide diverse backgrounds.  We're situated in a quiet rural setting at 17 Haddam Neck Road yet our experiences together are far from reserved.  Those who find here an easy to embrace faith-home, also find a lively, family-focused and spirit-filled community whose central purpose is sharing God's gracious invitation to a new life through Jesus Christ.  Joy, human connection, and genuine caring are what define us.  We easily acknowledge our imperfections, and equally embrace graciousness toward others.  Here, you are free to be unique and yourself and to join us on this journey of learning that is life-long. 

This lifelong pursuit at HNCC includes many paths such as Sunday School which is held during the school year at 9:00 AM for all ages, children to adults.  You'll also find Bible-based study groups and fellowship groups that are open to all.  A current and relevant youth "Confirmation" class is available.  We offer an Inquirer's class for any who are curious about this church and denomination and how it is addressing 21st century needs. 

Outreach through relationship building is at the heart of HNCC's many active ministries.  We are involved in local, regional and global mission and social justice efforts.  From support of our East Hampton Food Bank, to LEEAD International;  from Cromwell's Children's home, to Ghana and Haiti and Mexico mission work;   from our East Coast Seamen's Mission, to the fight against human trafficking;  in all this and more you'll find the Covenant Church to be supportive and involved.

Many of our ministries are listed on this website.  We invite you to look at them all and see how Haddam Neck Covenant Church might fulfill your need for connection and simplicity of faith in an ever growing complex world. 


Our Mission Statement:

To invite all people to the celebration of God’s grace and love, given freely to us in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

To be made alive by the presence of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us and among us.

To be nourished and strengthened by the Word of God, revealed in the Old and New Testaments, given to us in the waters of Baptism and received in the celebration of the Bread and Cup.

To identify and celebrate the gifts that make us who we are and challenge each other to be who God has created us to be.

To be the living reminder of Christ, His real presence in the world in which we live and work.